Pastors' School 2000!

I will be posting a brief recap of the evening services shortly after they dismiss. Those of you that could not attend will get a little of the flavor of this exciting event. The evening sessions this year will be two sessions instead of one giant long service. There will be a teaching session at 6:00PM and the service will start at 7:30PM.

I am putting this page up on Sunday March 19, 2000, the day before Pastor's School begins. I invite you to look at a photo essay of this morning at First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana!

Photo Essay

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Monday March 20, 2000

This will be a different type of Pastor's School. Bro. Hyles is going to share his heart with us. He is not going to preach at us, he is going to unburden his soul to us. The theme this year is leadership. To be a leader you must be a servant. You can still be a fundamentalist and love people! Listen to this message by Bro. Hyles!

The Welfare of the People  Play Now / Download


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 crowd.jpg (23800 bytes)  The crowds came from all over the U.S.A and around the world.


 The choir looked sharp!  choir.jpg (19565 bytes)


 overcome.jpg (26836 bytes)
 The Overcomers sing. These are students of City Baptist High School, our school for Chicago bus kids!


 Our Preacher opens his heart to us..
 pastor.jpg (19452 bytes)

Tuesday March 21, 2000

pshonor.jpg (58916 bytes)

Did you know that you don't have to hate someone who does not like you?
Did you know that a person is not bad just because he does not agree with you?
Did you know that it is OK to love your enemies?
Did you know you don't have to be an enemy of your enemy?
Did you know that you can be friends with people that disagree with you?

Listen to Bro. Hyles

A Fundamentalist Does Not Have To...   Play Now / Download


Wednesday March 22, 2000

Well folks, tonight I could not get a seat in the auditorium, so had to sit in the mezzinine and watch on closed circuit TV. Below is a picture of the area I sat in, you can see three TV monitors. The other picture is of the TV screen. (For those of you that don't know, the lady in the choir just left of Preacher is Mrs. Hyles)

God is Holy!
God is Just!
God is Righteous!
God is Perfect!

Fo people to get saved, they must come to know how wretched they are compared to God. Like when Isaiah saw the Lord, High and lifted up, he fell on his face and said "Woe is me". When confronted with the Goodness of God, his own badness showed up to him very intensely. Folks, that is what the Bible means when it says that the Goodness of God leadeth us to repentance! It is talking about the attribute of God, Goodness, not that He being "good" to us leads us to repentance. You know that is not true..those that seem to have the most in this world are the usually the ones farthest from God.

When you go soulwinning, make sure people understand that they are sinners and that God is Holy, and Just and Perfect and that is why they need to be saved to live with God forever!

The Goodness Of God   Play Now / Download

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Thursday March 23, 2000

Hugh Hefner, enjoy it...but SUNDAY is coming!
Judas Iscariot, enjoy your silver... but
SUNDAY is coming!
Hey Devil, it is Wednesday night and Jesus is in the tomb..enjoy it...but
SUNDAY is coming!!!!!!!!!!!
Christian, are you in the valley? Hang in there...
SUNDAY is coming! With this great sermon, Bro Hyles closed out the 2000 Pastors' School. All of us present received our diploma from the School of Leadership...First Baptist Church of Hammond. Listen to Bro. Hyles preach:

Sunday Is Coming   Play Now / Download