What about...(Number 2)

By Kenneth D. Christensen

  What about the Constitution of the United States of America?  I rarely make political comments (not), but on my way home from work today I was amazed how little regard for the Rule of Law the Democrats have. I just could not believe it.

As you all are aware, at the time of this writing the U.S. presidential race has not been decided.  Whichever way Florida goes will elect the president. The electoral college, not the popular vote elects the president according to the Constitution. As recently as October 29, 2000, Mr. Gore was asked if the president is elected by the electoral college and looses the popular vote, would that impede his ability to govern? He said, NO!.  He also stated that the Constitution must be followed.

So what am I so upset about? The Democrats today (11/9/00) said that the presidency should not be decided by a "technicality".

The Constitution is now only a


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