The KJB!

Picture yourself in the giant 7,000 seat auditorium of the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. It is an evening session of the great Pastor's School. You have just heard the fantastic sermon by Dr. Al Lacey, titled "Garden Tools". (You can hear this on our Real Audio page under KJB) The message gets you all wound up and ready to defend and USE the King James Bible!

The music starts, the choir sings a chorus and then you see someone coming down an aisle carrying a huge "bible", the name is on it, "Living Bible". The person sings "Could this be the stone hewn out the mountain?" The choir responds "NO..." This is repeated several times with many different "versions" walking down the isles and lining up on the platform. We have the NKJ,NIV, Good News and others. Then suddenly, high above the platform, the curtains open, the real BIBLE is there! Listen and enjoy!

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