Life of Mrs. Evans

This page contains tributes to Mrs. Evans contributed by visitors to Baptist-City.


Some have the walk of royalty,
And glide with dignity,
Yet you transport just like me,
The walk of the average lady.

Some have laughter like tinkling bells
And a voice as smooth as satin
But, your laugh is done quite well
All around know something happened!

But, though so human and easy to reach
In manners and poise and charm,
This is a lady who knows how to teach
In a manner sincere and warm.

She looks for the broken people
To fix and make anew,
She wants to make life a happening,
She learns God's truth in the pew.

She lets her light so shine,
That all may know and see
That the love and forgiveness of Jesus
Can set sin's captive free.

She is a hero to those she has taught
But  "touchable" just the same.
She lives her life the way we ought
To bring honor to Christ's name.

By Mimi Redick



Dear Mrs. Evans

                  by Brad A. Fenner
                     8 July 2001

Dear Mrs. Evans ran her race.
She never slacked, but kept her pace
In telling folks of Jesus' Grace.
And now she stands before God's face.

Dear Mrs. Evans was the best.
Each one who knew her was so bless'd.
She helped folks pass each trial and test
And taught them in the Lord to rest.

Dear Mrs. Evans did her part
To put Christ in each person's heart.
And now her time on High will start,
No longer plagued by Satan's dart.

Dear Mrs. Evans' vict'ry's won.
She stands before God's Blessed Son.
Her work on earth is now all done.
Her time in Heaven's just begun.

Dear Mrs. Evans doth behold
Christ's wondrous Home on streets of gold.
She meets His heros as foretold
And takes her place in Jesus' fold.

Dear Mrs. Evans' soul can soar
While here on earth we miss her sore.
One day she'll greet us on God's Shore.
We'll dwell with Christ forever more.