Sunday School Lessons

We will periodically post Sunday School lessons as used at First Baptist Church. This could be a valuable resource for teachers to supplement their own lesson plans. We hope that these will be a blessing to you. Enjoy!

For many years, the churches pastored by Dr. Jack Hyles used no outside literature for Sunday school. The churches have studied different series of lessons. Some of these series last for ten weeks; some last for over a year. For each lesson, Brother Hyles prepared an outline. Then on Wednesday during the weekly teachers' and officers' meeting, Brother Hyles would elaborate on the lesson and give extra points, truths and teaching methods to his teachers and officers.  

Everyone in the church would study the same lesson, from the smallest child to the oldest adult. The teachers of young children needed additional help, so as a supplement to Brother Hyles' outline, his secretary, Mrs. Erma McKinney, would prepare an elementary lesson covering the same material.  

Lesson titles with an -A- after them are the adult lessons.

Ezra -A-
Revelation 21
Revelation 21 -A-
The Good Samaritan
The Good Samaritan -A-
Romans 13
Romans 13 -A-
The Bible Versus Evolution
The Bible Versus Evolution-A-
Psalm 37
Psalm 37-A-
Psalm 126
Psalm 126-A-
Lessons Below this point are in the PDF format
Behavior #1
Behavior #1-A-
Great White Throne Judgment
Great White Throne Judgment -A-
Alcohol -A-
Smoking -A-
Evil Companions
Evil Companions -A-
Bible Promises #1
Bible Promises #1 -A-
Bible Promises #2
Bible Promises #2 -A-

Conversions 1
Conversions 1 -A-

Conversions 2
Conversions 2 -A-

Conversions 3
Conversions 3 -A-

Conversions 4
Conversions 4 -A-

Conversions 5
Conversions 5 -A-

Conversions 6
Conversions 6 -A-

Conversions 7
Conversions 7 -A-

Conversions 8
Conversions 8 -A-

Conversions 9
Conversions 9 -A-

Conversions 10
Conversions 10 -A-

Noah -A-
Abel -A-

Left-handed Folk
Left-handed Folk -A-

Caleb -A-

Sanctification -A-