What is going on?

We will attempt to let you know what is going on at First Baptist on this page.  Please do not ask who the next Pastor will be and things of that nature. We do not know! We will try to keep you updated as information becomes available. Many people have expressed an interest in knowing who is preaching for us. That is the basic purpose of this updates page.


02/11/01 Morning.   Dr. Ray Young preached.  Mrs. Hyles and Mrs. Schaap were in their usual places in the choir. Dr. Schaap was in his place on the platform.

02/11/01 Evening.  Dr. Jeff Owens preached.  The choir opened with "Everything's all right in my Father's house..." The congregation joined in. It was very special.

The auditorium was packed for both services, folding chairs were set up and the closed circuit television was in use.

Here is the bulletin from 2/11/01.  Click on thumbnail to see larger image, then click "Back" in your browser to return here.

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02/14/01  Wednesday  Dr. Eddie Lapina preached a powerful message on walking alone with God.  Mrs. Hyles was honored on her birthday with a long standing ovation.

02/18/01  Morning.  Dr. Jack Schaap preached a great message from Romans 8:28

02/18/01 Evening  Dr. Don Boyd, principal of Hammond Baptist High School, preached about the law of suffering and the law of planting and harvesting.

02/21/01 Wednesday  Bro. Tommy Ashcraft, missionary to Mexico preached "Worthy is the Lamb."

The pulpit committee of the First Baptist Church in Hammond announced that they have extended an invitation to Dr. Jack Schaap to candidate for the position of Pastor.  Bro. Schaap will teach the Wednesday night Bible study on February 28, 2001 and preach both of the services the following Sunday. The church will vote on March 7, 2001.

02/25/01 Morning  Bro. Chris Teft, Bible teacher at Hammond Baptist Junior High School preached a powerful message about not quitting.  Mrs. Hyles was part of a group that presented special music.

02/25/01 Evening  Bro. John Francis, of Hyles-Anderson College preached about making a difference in someone's life.

02/28/01 Wednesday  Dr. Jack Schaap taught a delightful Bible study about the Bible and Heaven.

The membership of the First Baptist Church voted tonight to name the auditorium the Jack Hyles Memorial Auditorium.

03/04/01 Morning  Dr. Schaap preached "If You Don't Go, I'm Not Going" based on Exodus 33:12-17. We may not like going through the wilderness, but it will be OK as long as God goes with us!

03/04/01 Evening  Dr. Schaap preached "The Cities of Refuge."  We must make sure that FBC stays a City of Refuge, where all are welcome, and the gospel is preached!

03/07/01 Wednesday  Dr. Tom Vogel, principal of Hammond Baptist Junior High School preached on the importance of teamwork.

At 8:00PM CST, Dr. Jack Schaap became the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Hammond. He promised to continue the legacy of Bro. Hyles.  All ministries will continue "pedal to the metal"!

03/11/01 Morning  Pastor Schaap preached "I will glory in the cross." Many were saved and baptized.

We will not be posting updates following every service any longer, since we now have a pastor. Starting next week, this page will feature the weekly bulletin so that those members of First Baptist Church that were not able to attend can see the announcements in the bulletin, as well as letting our friends everywhere see what is going on here. 

From time to time we may post information that is not contained in the bulletin.

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