First Baptist Church
Hammond, Indiana
Elementary Sunday School Lesson


Language (Lying and Swearing)

Objects to have:

A large figure of a boy or a girlómade of posterboard. The mouth should open like a door.
Two pieces of black paper to fit behind the "mouth" of the figure.
One piece of white paper to fit behind the "mouth" of the figure.
Your Bible.

Introducing the lesson:

Iíve brought a new friend to Sunday school this morning. This boy/girl will be with us for the next few weeks. Letís name our new friend today. What shall we name him/her? All right, now, this is ______________. Today letís talk about his/her mouth. This door will open and close. Our mouths open and close. When we open our mouths to talk, words come out of our mouths. When we open our mouths to eat or to drink, something is going into our mouths and then into our bodies. Weíre going to make ________________ do lots of things.

Somebody really bad make us do lots of things if we let him. The Devil makes us do lots of bad things, if we let him. Do you know something that the Devil gets us to do? He gets us to tell lies. The Devil is the person who made up the idea of telling lies. He never wants us to tell things the way they really happened. He doesnít want us to keep promises, either. He wants us to break our promises. He doesnít want us to talk right. He wants us to say dirty and bad things. He wants us to use God and Jesusí names wrong when we talk. But Jesus wants us to say good and clean things. I want to do what Jesus wants me to do, donít you?

I know of somebody in the Bible who was made to say lies and bad, dirty things by the Devil. Iím going to tell you about him today.

Telling the story:

One day this manís brother came running up (sound out of breath), "Peter, we have seen Jesus." Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus is God Who has come to earth like a man. "Come on, Simon Peter, you can come and see Jesus, too." Peter was glad for the news. He went to see Jesus.

Donít you sometimes wish that you could see Jesus standing right here, just as His friends saw Him? We know that Jesus is real and that He sees and hears us. Weíll get to see Him someday! We have His promise about that. Everybody who trusts Jesus will get to be with Him forever.

Peter was so pleased to see Jesus! Godís promise had come true about His Sonís coming to earth.

One day Peter and his brother, Andrew, went to work. When Andrew and Peter went to work, they sailed in a big fishing boat and threw out huge nets into the sea and caught fish. Then they would sell the fish.

Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee. As He walked along, He saw Peter and Andrew fishing. He called to them, "Peter and Andrew, come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." Did Peter and Andrew say that they were too busy to follow Jesus?

No; they sailed the boat to shore and told the men with whom they were in the fishing business that they would not be in that business anymore. They went with Jesus.

Being with Jesus is the most marvelous place for anybody to be! Peter saw such wonderful things happen whenever he was with Jesus! Jesus came to Peterís house one day. When He came into the house, He saw Peterís mother-in-law sick with a very, very high fever. She was so hot! She was very, very sick. Peter watched Jesus go over to this lady and just touch her hand. Right away the fever went away. Peter saw his mother-in-law healed just that fast!

Has Peter said anything wrong yet? Has Peter told a lie or talked dirty yet? No, not yet.

Well, then, I want to tell you about another day when Jesus asked all His special friends to come to a meeting. He wanted to see His twelve friends. Do you know whom He called first? Yes, He called Peter first. Do you think that Peter talked naughty now? No, he was pleased that he was a special friend of Jesus. It was extra nice to have his name called first before any of the other eleven special friends.

And the most exciting thing happened to Peter one night! Peter got into a boat with Jesusí special friends. They wanted to get to the other side of the lake. When they got into the boat, the wind was quiet, the night was pretty and still. But all of a sudden a terrible storm came up. The wind began to blow so strong! The water made great big waves that splashed up against the boat. The boat began to roll from side to side. The storm was terribly frightening. The ship just stayed in the middle of the lake and rolled back and forth. The men could not make the ship go to one side of the lake or the other.

Then, Jesus came from the land to the ship. Was He in another boat? No. Was He swimming out to the ship? No. Then, how was He coming out to the boat? He was walking on top of the water! How many of you can walk on top of the water? I canít, either. But Jesus was walking on top of the water even with the great big waves splashing around. When Peter knew that it was Jesus coming out and that He was walking on the water, he thought that that looked like great fun! Peter called to Jesus, "Jesus, tell me to come to You. Make me walk on top of the water!" So, Jesus told Peter to get out of the boat and to come to Him. Jesus made Peter able to walk on the water! Of course, then Peter forgot to trust Jesus and began to sink. But Peter was learning that Jesus could do anything. Peter would not tell lies or say bad things as long as he was close to Jesus. Peter was learning to love Jesus very much.

Then one day Peter did say something wrong. It wasnít a lie or bad words, yet. But the devil did get Peter to argue with Jesus. Jesus was telling His special friends that He would have to suffer and to die and to rise again from the dead. Peter didnít listen very well. I think that he heard only the part about Jesus having to suffer and to die. I donít think that he heard the part about Jesusí rising again from the dead. Peter said, "Oh, no, Lord; You wonít have to do this." Jesus scolded Peter for arguing with Him. The reason Jesus came to earth was to die for our sins. Of course, He did not stay dead. He is alive in Heaven right now, and Heís in our hearts, too, if we trust Him.

But this wasnít the worst thing that Peter said! It got to be the time when Jesus was supposed to die on the cross. The soldiers and some of the people who did not love Jesus captured Him one day. Peter was there when the soldiers and people came to get Jesus. The soldiers and the people grabbed ahold of Jesus and took Him away out of the garden. They took Him to many places, but Peter followed to the first place where they took Jesus. Peter was beginning to be afraid. He followed Jesus from back in the crowd. Peter wanted to see what would happen to Jesus.

Peter sat down outside the great big building where they had taken Jesus. Somebody had built a fire outside the building. Peter got close to the fire to keep warmóit was nighttime and getting cold outside. While Peter was getting warm beside the fire, a young lady saw him. I think that she thought, "That man looks familiar to me. Where have I seen him before? Hum." She thought and thought. "Oh, yes, I think that I have seen him with Jesus." So the young lady walked over to Peter. "Excuse me, sir. I have seen you somewhere before. You were with Jesus."

Then Peter lied! Peter said, "I donít know what youíre talking about." Another young lady saw Peter. She turned to the people in the crowd with her. She said to them, "See that man. He was with Jesus. He was a friend of His." Peter heard this young lady tell her friends that he had been a friend of Jesusí. Peter lied again, but this time he also used bad words. He cursed and said, "I do not know Jesus."

Peter was still standing near this big building where Jesus was, because he did want to see what the soldiers and the people were going to do with Jesus. Some people who were standing with him then came to him and said, "Surely it is true that you were with Jesus." Peter then used terrible, terrible language. And he said once more that he did not know Jesus. Oh, isnít that sad? Peter had talked the Devilís way and not Godís way. Jesus would never tell a lie. Jesus would never talk dirty. Jesus is Truth. Jesus is Light. Peter had not talked Jesusí way; he had talked the Devilís way.

Then Peter thought (put your hands up to your head), "Oh, what have I done! I have told three lies and I have used bad, dirty language. I have said that I did not know JesusóJesus, Who is my best Friend. Jesus, Who is my Saviour! Oh, how terrible." And Peter began to cry. He went out into the night all alone. He cried and cried and cried. He felt so terrible at what he had done. He never again lied about knowing Jesus. In fact, he became a great preacher telling everybody who would listen to him that Jesus is our Saviour.


Weíll let these two black pieces of paper stand for bad things. One piece of black paper stands for lies that sometimes boys and girls tell. This other piece of black paper stands for dirty words that boys and girls sometimes say. I never want to tell a lie. I never want to say dirty words. Do you? Do you think that our boy/girl wants to tell lies? (Put the black piece in his "mouth.") I donít think that he does. (Take the piece out.) Do you think that our boy/girl wants to say bad words? (Put the other black piece in his/her mouth.) I donít think that he/she does. I think that he/she wants to tell the truth (put the white piece in his/her mouth) and that he/she always wants to talk nicely and never say bad words. Letís ask God to help us talk right and to never say dirty words. Jesus can help us, because He is the Truth. Truth came into the world by Jesus.

LEARN OUR BIBLE VERSE: "...truth came by Jesus Christ." John 1:17.

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